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英语作文 篇1

  A man who is careful in choosing friends will certainly derive benefit from them. Why? Because there are more false friends than real ones in this world. To have one real friends is better than a hundred false ones. Friends who flatter you to your face are not true friends.

  We must make friends with those who have good character and kindness of heart. On the other hand, we should do our best to a void keeping company with bad people.





英语作文 篇2

  It is a commonplace among moralists that you cannot get happiness by pursuing it。 This is only true if you pursue it unwisely。 Gamblers at Monte Carlo are pursuing money, and most of them lose it instead, but there are other ways of pursuing money, which often succeed。 So it is with happiness。 If you pursue it by means of drink, you are forgetting the hang-over。 Epicurus pursued it by living only in congenial society and eating only dry bread, supplemented by a little cheese on feast days。 His method proved successful in his case, but he was a valetudinarian, and most people would need something more vigorous。 For most people, the pursuit of happiness, unless supplemented in various ways, is too abstract and theoretical to be adequate as a personal rule of life。 But I think that whatever personal rule of life you may choose it should not, except in rare and heroic cases, be incompatible with happiness。

  There are a great many people who have all the material conditions of happiness, i。e。 health and a sufficient income, and who, nevertheless, are profoundly unhappy。 In such cases it would seem as if the fault must lie with a wrong theory as to how to live。 In one sense, we may say that any theory as to how to live is wrong。 We imagine ourselves more different from the animals than we are。 Animals live on impulse, and are happy as long as external conditions are favorable。 If you have a cat it will enjoy life if it has food and warmth and opportunities for an occasional night on the tiles。 Your needs are more complex than those of your cat, but they still have their basis in instinct。 In civilized societies, especially in English-speaking societies, this is too apt to be forgotten。 People propose to themselves some one paramount objective, and restrain all impulses that do not minister to it。 A businessman may be so anxious to grow rich that to this end he sacrifices health and private affections。 When at last he has become rich, no pleasure remains to him except harrying other people by exhortations to imitate his noble example。 Many rich ladies, although nature has not endowed them with any spontaneous pleasure in literature or art, decide to be thought cultured, and spend boring hours learning the right thing to say about fashionable new books that are written to give delight, not to afford opportunities for dusty snobbism。

  If you look around at the men and women whom you can call happy, you will see that they all have certain things in common。 The most important of these things is an activity which at most gradually builds up something that you are glad to see coming into existence。 Women who take an instinctive pleasure in their children can get this kind of satisfaction out of bringing up a family。 Artists and authors and men of science get happiness in this way if their own work seems good to them。 But there are many humbler forms of the same kind of pleasure。 Many men who spend their working life in the city devote their weekends to voluntary and unremunerated toil in their gardens, and when the spring comes, they experience all the joys of having created beauty。

英语作文 篇3

  20xxWorld University Games

  The 26th World University Games, also named as the Little Olympic Games, will be hold in Shenzhen on August 23,20xx.

  The emblem ’’ the happy U ’’ which has no fixed meaning is very open in that people can imagine it varyingly. And it has evolved into a smiling face to be the mascot. Besides, the slogan of the game is ’’Start here’’ whereas the slogan of the volunteers’ watchword is ’’ I’m here ’’.

  After its first being held in Italy in 1959,the World University Games has being developed rapidly.The first game for there to be only 45 participating countries.Then till the 18th World University Game which was organized in Japan in 1995 there were vast number of athletes from 162 countries competed in the game. Today, Shenzhen will set 24 contests to welcome the athletes from the whole world and we do hope the World University Game will be held successfully.

英语作文 篇4

  Spring is tht best season of the year. The weather gets warmer and warmer. My clas i'amates and I took a one-day sightseeing around our city.The scene was pretty. But when we saw the rivers along our city, I felt very sorry, and thoughit a lot.

  With the development of modern agriculture and industry, more and more waste water is being poured into rivers. It has caused serious pollution. The river is becoming so dirty that no living things can live in it. The river is giving off a terrible smell.

  We make an urgent appeal that measures should be taken to cope with the situation. Our government should start building various facilities such as sewage treatment!plant and encourage scientists to work out more and better ways to reduce the pollution of water.

  Water is tho source of our lives. It is very important to protect water.

英语作文 篇5


  1.As far as ...is concerned 就……而言 比如说:就我而言 As far as I concerned 2 It can be said with certainty that... +从句 可以肯定地说......

  3.As the proverb says, 正如谚语所说的, 可以用来引用名言名句

  4 .It has to be noticed that... 它必须注意到,...

  5 .It's generally recognized that... 它普遍认为...

  6 .It's likely that ... 这可能是因为...

  7 .It's hardly that... 这是很难的......

  8 There's no denying the fact that...毫无疑问,无可否认

  9 .Nothing is more important than the fact that... 没有什么比这更重要的是…

  10 .what's far more important is that... 更重要的是…


  1.A case in point is ... 一个典型的例子是...

  3 But the problem is not so simple. Therefore,+句子 ( 然而问题并非如此简单,所以……) 4 .But it's a pity that... 但遗憾的是… it’s a pity that….遗憾的是。

  5 In spite of the fact that...尽管事实...... In spite of 尽管

  6 .Further, we hold opinion that... 此外,我们坚持认为,...

  7 .However , the difficulty lies in..+名词或者动名词 .然而,困难在于…

  8.Similarly, we should pay attention to... 同样,我们要注意...

  9 As it has been mentioned above...正如上面所提到的… (可以用来对前面所说的话进行补充说明)

  10.In this respect, 从这个角度上

  11.However, 然而…


  1.I will conclude by saying... 最后我要说…

  2.Therefore, we have the reason to believe that...因此,我们有理由相信…

  3.All things considered,总而言之 = In a word=In conclusion

  It may be safely said that...它可以有把握地说......

  4.Therefore, in my opinion,因此,在我看来,

  5.From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that….通过以上讨论,我们可以得出结论…

  6.The data/statistics/figures lead us to the conclusion that….通过数据我们得到的结论是,....

  7.It can be concluded from the discussion that...从中我们可以得出这样的结论

  8.From my point of view, it would be better if...在我看来,如果……也许更好


  1. Here is one more example这里有不止一个的例子

  .2.Take … for example.就拿……为例子


  1. Some people think that …. 有些人认为…

  To be frank, I can not agree with their opinion for the reasons below. 坦率地说,我不能同意他们的意见,理由如下。

  2. I believe the title statement is valid because…. 我认为这个论点是正确的,因为…

  3. I cannot entirely agree with the idea that ….我无法完全同意….这一观点的说法…

  4. Along with the development of…, more and more….随着……的发展,越来越多…

  5 It is commonly/generally/widely/ believed /held/accepted/recognized that….它通常是认为…

  6. As far as I am concerned, I completely agree with the former/ the latter.就我而言,我完全同意前者/后者的观点。

  六 表示比较和对比的常用句型和表达法

  1. A is completely different from B. (A和B完全不同)

  2 The difference between A and B is lies in +名词或者动名词 ( A和B不同的地方是。。。) .

  七 演绎法常用的句型

  1. There are several reasons for…, but in general, they come down to three major ones.有几个原因……,但一般,他们可以归结为三个主要的。

  2. Many ways can contribute to solving this problem, but the following ones may be most effective.有很多方法可以解决这个问题,但下面的可能是最有效的。

  ( 可以用在保护环境等话题的作文)

  4. Generally, the advantages can be listed as follows.一般来说,这些优势可以列举如下。

  5. The reasons are as follows. 。。。的理由如下 (可以用来列举理由原因)

  八 因果推理法常用句型

  1.Because/Since we read the book, we have learned a lot. 由于阅读这本书,我们已经学到了很多。

  2. If we read the book, we would learn a lot. 由于阅读这本书,我们已经学到了很多。

  3. We read the book; as a result / therefore / thus / hence / consequently / for this reason / because of this, we've learned a lot. 由于阅读这本书,我们已经学到了很多。

  4. As a result of /Because of/Due to/Owing to reading the book, we've learned a lot. 由于阅读这本书,我们已经学到了很多。

英语作文 篇6


  My mother loves my father very much. She raised a pot of bamboo for her father about two years ago. In order to wish her father, who was on a business trip, to come back home safely and reunite with us. Keep it up to now.


  Bamboo is fed with water in a large glass bottle. In addition to its unique life, although it is not as gorgeous as rose, nor as charming as rose, it gives people a kind of happiness with its green beauty and charm.


  Bamboo is evergreen all the year round. Its green branches from time to time out of a few new leaves, the bamboo dress luxuriant, my mother after the month to wash the bamboo bath, change water, after the bath bamboo bamboo leaves are covered with crystal clear water bamboo, little by little attached to the lush green leaves, in the too sunlight, like countless wonderful pearls in the twinkling.


  The leaves of bamboo are folded one by one, green and hairy, which makes me feel the elegance and quiet of bamboo. Bamboo stands like a green pine. Every green leaf shows the vitality of life. It makes people feel that it is such a strong and hard-working happy life!

英语作文 篇7




  1. 未及时回复的原因;

  2. 你假期的打算(如做兼职、旅行、做志愿者等)。

  注意: 1. 次数:120~150;

  2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。









  Dear Tom,

  How are you doing? (问候) You asked me in your last letter about my plan for the coming summer vacation.(写信背景) I am sorry that I didn’t reply without delay.(写信目的)

  How I wish I would read and reply your email as soon as I received it. However, I was busy preparing for my final exam at that time, which is vital for me. As a result, I had no choice but to completely focus on my study. I believe that if you were me, you would make the same choice.(第二段为道歉信常见套路)

  By the way, I have a busy schedule for my summer vacation.(主题句) First and foremost, I would do a part time job, so that my interpersonal skills would be improved.(拓展句1) Additionally, I will take a short trip to Beijing to take a summer course in the New Oriental School.(拓展句2) Last but not least, maybe I will work as a volunteer for the school as a teaching assistant.(拓展句3)

  These are my plan for the summer vacation. What’s yours? I am looking forward to your earliest reply.(以合理的客套话结尾)


  假定你是李华,自制了一些中国结(Chinese knot)。给开网店的美国朋友Tom写封信,请他代卖,要点包括:

  1. 外观(尺寸、颜色、材料)

  2. 象征意义

  3. 价格

  注意:1. 词数100左右;

  2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

  3. 开头已为你写好。

  Dear Tom,

  How are you doing?I wonder if you could sell some Chinese knots for me. I made them myself with red silk threads, cloth and other materials. They look really beautiful in the shape of a diamond, about 5 inches long and 4 inches wide. In China, these knots stand for friendship, love and good luck. People can either give them as gifts to friends or hang them in their houses. They are only 12.99 US dollars each. If anyone wants to know more about the knots, let them write to me. Also, do let me know if you need further information. Thank you!






  注意:1. 词数100左右;

  2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

  3. 开头语和结束语已为你写好。

  Dear Peter,

  How are you doing?

  I’m writing to tell you that my uncle Li Ming is going to your city for a conference, and I’ve asked him to bring you the Chinese painting you’ve asked for before.

  Also, I’d like you to do me a favor. Would you please meet my uncle at the airport and take him to his hotel since this is his first visit to the U.S.? Thank you in advance!

  His flight number is CA985, and it will arrive at 11:30 am, August 6. My uncle is tall and he is wearing glasses. And he will be in a blue jacket.

  Looking forward to your reply.


  Li Hua

英语作文 篇8






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